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Since 1980, Color Brite Awning Company has been working hard to serve you better, servicing thousands of satisfied customers over the years, we are Cuyahoga Counties only awning company that manufactures their own aluminum awnings, offers a superior quality line of fabric awnings and can custom color match any color under the sun on your new aluminum awnings. Unlike other awning companies we specialize in one field-awnings. We focus only on what is needed to successfully run our awning business. We are professionals with pride and integrity that offer the highest in quality, dependability and honesty in today's ever challenging market. We give your awnings, and home, that personal attention they deserve we treat your awnings and home as if they were ours and not just some number on a list. Color Brite Awning Company is constantly striving for the most advanced technology in equipment and materials which we feel will in turn open many new doors-such as better service, even higher quality and affordable prices for not only you but future customers as well. We proudly wear our reputation as the industry's de-facto standard and guarantee all work completed by us with certified written warranties. Color Brite Awning Company has been operating under the same name, same phone number and same owner since the day we started-which is more than most other awning companies can say. All Color Brite Awning Company personnel are factory trained and fully insured. WE DO NOT USE SUBCONTRACTORS! The owner was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. His experience in the awning industry dates back to 1974, when he was hired on at one of the local awnings companies. It was there that he discovered his passion for working with you the consumer. He is one of the original founders of Color Brite in 1980. As president of his company along with the help of his great staff members he's built Color Brite Awning Company to what it is today, you deal directly with him. We offer no cost, in-home sales consultations with no high pressure sales tactics, no gimmicks, no money down contracts and, upfront pricing the 1st time. When your are ready to invest in what might possibly be your biggest investment, your home, we hope that your will seriously consider Color Brite Awning Company as your choice. Thank you for your time!


Charles Pedro, President

Just a little something to think about. In this type of business it is impossible to have the best price, best service, best quality and best overall value. The bitterness of poor quality and service far outlast the sweetness of a cheap price, therefore lowering your overall value. Don't buy your awning from one of those big box stores or the internet just to save a few bucks because you will get what you pay for-if you know what I mean. Buy locally, when you buy from Color Brite Awning Company, you will have confidence in our products and with our service, therefore guaranteeing your best overall value.

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